Behind the Dinner Solution

About 16 years ago, two sisters became moms…

One had boy & girl twins and one had a boy, within a few months of each other.  As they started the journey of parenting, they quickly learned how different and difficult it was to try to serve dinner with all of the time constraints that come with parenting.  They had to find a solution and decided to develop a simple, homemade program that would help them.  That program turned into “The Dinner Solution” and was made available back in the day as a software program that helped hundreds of moms.  This sparked the desire to create tools and products to help simplify the life of parents and to help bring peace to households.

The Dinner Solution today is one-of-a-kind online planning tool that is still changing lives and turning chaos into peace.  

Meet the Sisters

Karin Cunnington

Karin partners with her husband, Michael, in overseeing The Dinner Solution’s operations and managing their dedicated team. Together, they share a deep-seated enthusiasm for transforming cooking and mealtime into a delightful and rewarding experience for others. Karin has three teenagers and often humorously finds herself in the situation of being told there’s “nothing to eat” right after returning from a grocery shopping trip. Michael, a true culinary enthusiast, brings his passion for cooking to the table. He crafts meal plans, meticulously tests recipes, and plays a vital role in ensuring that the family is well-fed.

Kristi Roberts 

Kristi is deeply devoted to health and wellness, dedicating her career to transforming lives as a Health Coach through the powerful combination of nutrition and fitness. She homeschools her teenage son, while also extending her support and wisdom to The Dinner Solution, where her contributions play an integral role.

Our Advisory Panel

(Our Other Sisters!)

Karise Buell

Karise is a foodie who loves Trader Joe’s, hiking, enjoying the outdoors, and trying new fun recipes.  She works from home in real estate and homeschools two teenagers.  She loves sharing cooking and self-care tips.

Kim Buhler

Kim is a stay-at-home mom who is relishing the chaos of a season with young kids.  With three kids under the age of four, including a newborn,  she helps us remember what it’s like to try to feed a family with no time to do anything.

Lindsay Buhler 

Lindsay is a mom of four kids under the age of 11,  follows an Orthodox Christian lifestyle and meal plan, and enjoys supporting other moms in their daily lives.  She works part-time as an educator and loves all things holistic and family-oriented.