How it Works

Our system makes it so easy to get dinner on the table,  you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Here’s how it works:  Take just 5 minutes each week to sit down for a quick planning session with The Dinner Solution’s online planning tool (on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone). 

Step 1: With just a few clicks, choose your dinners for the next week (or month) in our unique Meal Planning Calendar.

You can customize your meal plan to fit your own lifestyle and schedule.  Our Meal Planning Calendar allows you to include traditional meals, home-made freezer meals, leftovers, take-out, and dining out.  

No other tool gives you this flexibility and control over your meal planning! 

Your planning goes even faster when you choose from a list of pre-saved menus of main dishes and side dishes. You can create your own “Family Favorites” Menus or choose from the many menus that we’ve already included.

Step 2: Create your Grocery Shopping List with just a few clicks

–Your Shopping List includes every ingredient needed for the meals that you selected. 

–You can add miscellaneous items to your list (such as paper towels, milk, bread, etc.)

–Your list is organized by Store Aisle and by Store Name to make your shopping trip even easier.  

–BONUS:  Your Shopping List also tells you which meals each ingredient is for.  This is very helpful for when the store is out of an ingredient or when you want to switch out an ingredient for any reason.  You can make a decision about that ingredient quickly and easily because you know at a glance what it was going to be used for. 

–You can print your Shopping List or view it on your phone.

Step 3.  Print your “What’s For Dinner” calendar and post it in your kitchen.  You and your family can see at a glance what you are serving for dinner that week!

Step 4: Go grocery shopping with your custom Grocery Shopping list.   See how much faster your trip goes and how much less you will buy because you are simply buying what is on your list.   Saves times and money!

Step 5: Each day that week,  simply refer to your “What’s For Dinner?” list on the fridge for your dinner plans.
If you planned a home-cooked meal, you already have all of the ingredients on hand from your shopping trip!

So in 5 minutes, you chose what to serve for dinner that week,  you have a list to take to the grocery store, and you have a list of the week’s meals to post in your kitchen. 

That’s it!  Now you can go play with your kids, clean the house, focus back on work, go out with your partner, or any of life’s other important tasks,  because you no longer have to worry about dinner. 

That is The Dinner Solution. 

Our Amazing Freezer Meal Organizer!

now you can plan your freezer meal prep sessions in minutes!

Freezer meals are a great way to save time and money. Imagine your freezer stocked with yummy, ready-to-cook, homemade meals!

Also known as make-ahead or prep-ahead meals,  homemade freezer meals are prepared in advance and stored in the freezer to cook later.

They are designed to save time and make meal preparation easier by allowing you to assemble multiple meals at one time. This is especially beneficial for busy people who may not have the time or energy to prep a new meal every day.

Simply thaw, cook, and serve!

Freezer meals also save you money on groceries by buying larger quantities of ingredients at one time. You’ll save even more money if you belong to a club store like Costco or Sam’s Club.

Until now, freezer meal preparation was very time-intensive and overwhelming to organize. But our Freezer Meal Planner has now made it so easy for you to quickly organize your own personalized Freezer Meal Prep Day!

If you’ve already been making your own freezer meals, our Freezer Meal Planner will save you so much time!

Select the recipes for your freezer meal prep day. Add your own recipes or use our included recipes! Customize your list based on your family’s preferences.

All printables are included, including a Prep Day Checklist with instructions, custom grocery shopping list, and freezer bag labels!

Easily keep track of what’s in your freezer with our Freezer Inventory tracker!

Bonus: You can choose from your Freezer Inventory meals when doing your weekly planning on the Meal Planning Calendar.

Imagine your freezer stocked with fully-prepped homemade meals that are ready to be thawed and cooked!

Freezer meals save you so much time and money and solve the “what’s for dinner” dilemma.

We make it easy and support you along the way.

Start today to save time, money, and your sanity!

Get instant access to The Dinner Solution’s unique online meal planning & freezer meal organizer with your monthly or annual membership subscription.

 Your Membership includes:

  • Unlimited monthly or yearly access for 1 user from your computer, mobile phone, and tablet.  (Requires internet access)
  • Bonus Pack of Family Friendly Recipes
  • Bonus Pack of Freezer Meal Recipes
  • On-going support from the The Dinner Solution team
  • Support and community with other members in our members-only Facebook group
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*    

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee*

*Satisfaction Guaranteed!   If you use The Dinner Solution for 30 days and decide it’s not for you,  simply email us at and we will refund your full purchase!