Where have you been all my life? I just started using The Dinner Solution last week and it’s already made my life so much easier! I used to stress about meal planning and grocery shopping every week. So far we’ve used 2 of the recipes that came with and both have been big successes (and we are picky eaters). Thank you so much for this! —Kristine H.

I love The Dinner Solution program!  It saves me so much time and since I’m able to plan ahead I can buy meat on sale which has saved us a ton of money. —Brenda H.

Since I started using The Dinner Solution, I have really enjoyed putting my shopping list together.  Usually I would dread it.  The Dinner Solution makes it so much easier and quicker to put my list together.  Another nice thing about it is I haven’t forgotten anything at the store for preparing my dinners because it gives you every ingredient you need for the dinners you chose.  Almost every week before that I would have to go back to the store for that “forgotten” ingredient.  I also love the “What’s for Dinner” calendar printout that you can place on the fridge so everyone knows (including me),”What’s for Dinner”.  I think The Dinner Solution is great and I recommend it to anyone who wants to save time on their meal planning and grocery shopping.  Thank you!  —Janee’ B.

I love your product.  It is so great and easy.  It is what I had dreamed up in my head and you did it!  —Debbie S.

I am a busy mom with three little girls, and I teach 3rd grade full time as well. While I like to cook, some days (such as ballet class day) are just too busy. In the past, that would have meant pizza delivery. Now I just get my pre-assembled Sesame Beef out of the fridge and throw some rice in the microwave. Done in 10 minutes. When our local Super Suppers closed (which I had come to rely on heavily), I searched high and low for a program that could give me the same benefits, and yours was the winner. It is worth every penny I paid for it. Thanks a million! —Jennifer M.

I love the Dinner Solution!  Today, with my Mom’s help, I had a freezer assembly day and I have 12 meals in my freezer right now!  I am so excited!  For my first time with the system, I think I did really well and I wasn’t just totally exhausted either.  Of course having my Mom’s help is probably why.  But I have done this in the past with another system and I wasn’t in such good shape! 

One thing that I really loved about the recipes is that they have ingredients in them that we will actually eat!  I also really like how I can use your recipes plus add my own.  It is so versatile, just like each month is so different and now I have choices of how to plan our menus.  I really like to menu plan, but it did used to take me a long time to plan a menu and then the grocery list was another thing to do.  This program really sped up the process, plus it gave me the grocery list for my freezer meals plus a separate one for just the things I need for that week.  I am very happy with it and glad I decided to jump in.  I actually look forward to my next Freezer Assembly Day! Thank you for such a great tool. —DeLyndia J.

Thank you for your response.  I did get the program this week and looking forward to my first shopping trip this weekend with my sister and make our meals for the month.  So far I have enjoyed working with your system, very easy to move around in.  I have even imputed some recipes from Weight Watchers.  So far it is meeting and extending my expectations! —Stacey T.